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Dot Com Today is a different - better and smarter - website design service than any you might have encountered. In addition to our amazing website design work, we’re also a talented marketing and content company. What does this mean? It means we maintain our relationship with you ongoing to write and manage the new content your website requires to maintain its freshness and appeal.

Other web design companies build your website, throw you the keys and say good luck. We don’t. Having a great website is just the first half of a smart online marketing plan, and your Dot Com Today website will soar and leave your competitors far behind if it’s fed brand new material, articles and content on a regular basis. And we do all this content creation for you.

We offer affordable content programs designed to create, maintain and feed the new material into your website on a regular basis. You choose from several content time-lines and pick the one that best suits your company’s needs – either once a month articles, twice a month, once a week or more often – whatever suits your specific needs the best. We’ll work with you to customize a content creation schedule that’s right for you.

We understand that the average business owner has little or no time to mess with the management and content preparation that a good website needs to remain vibrant and interesting to readers. So, we do it for you. We communicate with you, write and proof the new articles and material you need placed on your Dot Com Today website. Do you have a promotion or sale coming up soon? What about that new product line or service you want people to know about. Are you sponsoring this year’s Little League or a local charity in your community? No problem. We will write and insert this new information onto your website ongoing.

Think of us at Dot Com Today as your in-house online marketing coordinators. We’re skilled and experienced. We work with all size companies and do the legwork and communication needed to make things happen. We’re 100% dedicated to helping your company thrive and prosper online.

Dot Com Today is a better, smarter way to go when marketing your business on the Internet. We understand what makes your business unique and invite you to contact us for more details on how we can customize our services to meet your needs and best serve you.