Leonardi Hearing Center Expands Online With Dot Com Today Website PDF Print E-mail

Leonardi Hearing Center chose Dot Com Today to design their new website and online marketing presence.

Established in 1950, Leonardi Hearing Center is one of the oldest and most respected hearing centers in Florida. Owner W.L. “Hunter” Huntley III, BC-HIS is a Nationally Board Certified hearing instrument specialist who has worked to improve the lives of thousands of individuals suffering with hearing loss. In recent years, Leonardi Hearing Center has been recognized repeatedly for their exceptional service and efforts – winning the Best of North Fort Myers award the past five years in a row.

The experienced professionals at Leonardi Hearing Center are dedicated to providing their patients with unmatched service excellence and personalized care. At Dot Com Today, we appreciate what they have accomplished, because we have the same dedication to quality service. Taking care of details and providing the very best online experience and service at a sensible price is something we’re very proud of. And we’re equally proud to be a part of Leonardi Hearing Center’s ongoing success.

At Leonardi Hearing Center, they’ve been solving hearing problems and servicing the hearing impaired for six decades. Three generations of Southwest Florida residents have used them. At Dot Com Today, we would like to thank everyone at Leonardi Hearing Center for giving us the opportunity to assist them with the design and creation of their new website and Internet presence.