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Once you’ve chosen Dot Com Today to create your company’s new website – and your site is live online and looking beautiful – we now need to attract more people to it by taking advantage of the unique “content friendly” CMS technology that your new Dot Com Today website possesses. Your site is ready for us to write and create the fresh new content that will drive your site to the top of the Internet search engine lists.

Why is this important? How does it work?

On the Internet, the expression “content is king” is an indisputable truth. When someone online types in a particular search, the search engines use what is called “spiders” to instantly look for matches to the person’s inquiry. And new “fresh content” is given priority over old and more dated material. This means you can attract more visitors to your website by simply making sure it is constantly freshened with new written content.

This is where other design companies fall short. Most places build static HTML based websites with major disadvantages when it comes to adding or changing content. It’s not easy to do without extensive programming skills – making it too expensive and impractical to change any of the initial content. When you use Dot Com Today – this content problem is solved. We create better, smarter websites using newer CMS technologies that take advantage of and lure search engine spiders to your site. Your Dot Com Today website can be easily updated and freshened with brand new content daily, weekly, monthly – anytime. And the online search engines love it. The key is this. You need new articles and content written and added to your site on a regular basis. And Dot Com Today can do this for you. Our professional writers coordinate what needs to be written, compose the material and insert it onto your website on a regular basis.

The more fresh content we add, the more relevant, current and important your website becomes. Dot Com Today’s content services are affordable and designed to provide a more organic and effective way for you to take advantage of the power of the Internet. New content will improve search engine placement, attract more people and links back to your company’s website. And ultimately, this will boost sales.