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At Dot Com Today we pride ourselves on being different than other website design companies. We think outside the box, and provide you with a number of smarter online marketing services that other designers simply do not offer.

For example, we developed our own better, smarter Email Marketing software called Greenleaf Connect™ that allows local businesses to take advantage of the Internet in new and exciting ways. Greenleaf Connect™ is available for use on all Dot Com Today designed websites.

With Greenleaf Connect™, you can create easy, effective and affordable Professional Email Marketing Newsletters and Promotions. Now you can collect all your customer’s emails in one place using your website – and communicate with your customers on a regular basis via email.

As always, Dot Com Today makes the Email Marketing process simple, and we do most of the work for you.

Here’s how Greenleaf Connect™ works:

  • We will install an Email Newsletter acceptance box on your website. This box is attractive and simple.
  • Your customers or website visitors can enter their name and email address in this box. You can also go to your website and enter your customer emails yourself. You’ll receive an automatic email notice each time someone joins and agrees to receive your Email Newsletter.
  • Dot Com Today stores your entire email list on our online servers. Now, your customers and clients can receive ongoing communications and promotions from you directly via your Email Newsletter. And customers have the ability to “opt out” at any time.
  • We create a custom designed Email Template specifically for your business.
  • Whenever you’re ready, simply give us the basic information or promotion you want to send to all your customers on your email list. We will polish the content into a professional piece using your Template, and then give it back to you to proof for corrections before it goes out.

When it’s perfect, we send out your new Email Newsletter or Promotion to all of your customers.

Dot Com Today does something no other website design company does. We make it possible for you to link your company’s website with a better, smarter email marketing service that’s available online 24/7.

Greenleaf Connect™ allows you to build and grow your Email List and stay in contact with your customers ongoing in a smart way. It also allows new visitors to your website the option of staying in contact with your company as well. 

No other website design company offers both professional website design services and email marketing together. Best of all, Dot Com Today makes it very affordable for small businesses. No more paper and postage! Email Marketing costs far less than any other form of communication.

Dot Com Today is dedicated to helping you grow your business using the power of the Internet at an affordable price that makes sense. Greenleaf Connect™ Email Marketing is just one more important reason to choose us. Don’t hesitate to call or email us for details.