Olson Insurance Celebrates 35 Years With New Website PDF Print E-mail

For over 35 years, Olson Insurance has been one of the premier independent insurance companies in Central Florida.

Terry Olson, owner of Olson Insurance, chose Dot Com Today to design and build their new website. They needed a smart online presence that was clean and professional. In addition, Olson Insurance’s tax preparation division is one of the oldest and largest in the region, and they wanted the ability from time to time to add new information to their website regarding changes in state and federal tax laws.

Dot Com Today built a dynamic new website for Olson Insurance that satisfied all of their requirements. Their site features the newest content management systems and is able to expand and evolve as their needs grow or change.

At Dot Com Today, we want to thank Olson Insurance for allowing us to be a part of their business and success.