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Dot Com Today has created and launched a new website for one of Central Florida’s top roofing companies – Custom Roofing.

Established in 1985, Custom Roofing and Coatings has been serving Florida homeowners, builders and businesses for three generations. They’re a family owned roofing company with a strong reputation for quality service.

They’re one of the area’s oldest and most trusted roofing operations, specializing in all types of residential and commercial roof repairs and installations. Custom Roofing is a recognized leader in the community. They solve chronic roof leak problems and do re-roofing projects using the world’s finest quality, environmentally friendly and most cost-effective roofing materials and technologies.

Custom Roofing has a strong reputation as being the company folks call when no one else has the right answers. They solve many persistent residential and commercial roof problems that other places are unable to handle. Custom Roofing cares and it shows in the quality work they do and their dedication to providing responsive customer service.

Dot Com Today was asked to create an easy to navigate, attractive website that showcases all of Custom Roofing’s various roofing services. All of the content material for their website was composed and written by Dot Com Today. We want to thank Custom Roofing for giving us the opportunity to assist them with their website needs.